A-WA Releases Album Habib Galbi

Upcoming Performance in NXNE

A-WA released their highly anicipated album Habib Galbi on June 10th 2016 and it has been transcending everywhere since. 

Peaking at number 13 on iTunes World Albums in a week, and being recognized as iTunes New & Noteworthy A-WA has continued to create amazing music that transforms folk music with a modern twist. 

The debut album of A-WA, produced by Tomer Yosef (from Balkan Beat Box) combines the timeless Yemenite folk songs that the sisters grew up on with the twist of modern electronic beats & grooves.



Catch their upcoming shows including their performances in NXNE here. 


Listen to A-WA's debut album Habib Galbi here today on Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic and more!


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