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The Best of the Week’s New Music

LucifHER off of Awesome Music artist Jhyve's new EP The Heartbreak Experience has gained attention in The Guardian's "The best of the week’s new music". Jhyve's lyrics refresh R&B music with his creative wordplay and rhymes, captivating fans and drawing new listeners everywhere. 


"Unless you count R Kelly’s icky predilection for comparing sexual acts to various components of a buffet luncheon, the confessional R&B genre isn’t renowned for its nifty wordplay. But Jhyve’s pun game is strong, with LucifHER positioning him as the unexpected lovechild of the Weeknd and Tim Vine. “How do you impress a temptress?” wonders this Auto-Tuned John Hegley, and it’s the mark of a pretty great song that his tortured rhyming comes off as endearing rather than excruciating." -Sam Richards (The Guardian). 

Check out more from Jhyve here.


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