Elise LeGrow Covers Chuck Berry Classic, "You Never Can Tell"


Canadian singer-songwriter Elise LeGrow is stepping out with a new track "You Never Can Tell" -- a reimagined cover of a Chuck Berry classic, premiering exclusively on Billboard. 

Pulled from her upcoming debut album Playing Chess (S-Curve/Awesome Music) out Aug. 4, the dreamy and velvety single is a stark contrast to Berry’s jaunty, playful original, but both manage to capture the essence of young love that is central in the song’s lyrics.
Elise LeGrow: "Chuck Berry's famous recording has so much forward momentum that I think most listeners, including myself, usually miss its lyrical depth," explains LeGrow. "Our slower tempo really highlights the poetry. Admittedly, I'm a hopeless romantic so this song always spoke to me. It's a story of young love enduring against all odds. If only we could all be so lucky!"
The singer’s innovative arrangement makes for a delicate piece of music that LeGrow fosters as her own, creating her personal vision and story. Take a listen to Elise LeGrow’s soulful rendition of “You Never Can Tell” below. 
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