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On Wednesday March 23rd 2016 A-WA performed at CBC's Q Radio. Combining Yeminite folk songs with reggae, funk and hip-hop infused music, the three sisters that form A-WA, Tair, Tagell and Liron, shared their amazing, unique and captivating talents with Q Radio. 

Their performance included old Yeminite folk songs recreated to groovy dance melodies, Ya Raitesh Al Warda and Habib Galbi are from thier new EP Habib Galbi.

The Best of the Week’s New Music

LucifHER off of Awesome Music artist Jhyve's new EP The Heartbreak Experience has gained attention in The Guardian's "The best of the week’s new music". Jhyve's lyrics refresh R&B music with his creative wordplay and rhymes, captivating fans and drawing new listeners everywhere. 


Habib Galbi EP March 11th


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