It started almost 10 years ago when "Keep Control" struck the club community like a bolt of lightning and the trio SONO from Hamburg was all of a sudden in the bright spotlight of the general public.

Since then quite some time has passed, many stages were conquered, several clubs were torn apart and festivals blown away. SONO have clearly proven that they are not just talented producers of first class tracks, but simultaneously capable of slipping into various roles. Which other electronic act has played at the Love Parade and also at the huge Gothic festival in Leipzig? Nobody! And who else rips apart clubs one week and a week later creates a real concert atmosphere on a gigantic stage? That's right, nobody!

The simple fact that all 3 components of the band are active members in today's music business, makes perfect sense.

Lennart A. Salomon, SONO's frontman, is a songwriter for numerous artists and is also the lead singer of the rock band Jerobeam.

Martin Weiland works for a big dance-label positioned in Hamburg and is a successful DJ. Florian Sikorski has a recording studio which has served as a flourishing ground for fantastic musicians such as Pink, Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson. Florian was rewarded with 2 Grammies for his amazing work on "Since U Been Gone". An astonishing achievement with the benefits of gaining notoriety as a top producer in the industry.

"I think it is a good thing that all 3 of us have different influences and bring contrasting perspectives to the table," says Lennart. Florian concludes: "We have so much to say, it's impossible to just focus on one aspect."

The 3 boys from Hamburg are full-blooded musicians, there is more to them than twisting a couple of knobs. You can surely hear this in their fine tuned productions and on center stage in front of enormous crowds. Dance-floor platitudes don't apply for these guys, just ask fans and critics alike.

The new album goes by the name of "Plus". It's their fourth output to date and is basically a positive record through and through.

SONO once again changes lanes and presents a vividly refreshing and somewhat surprising sound.

This is what the band has to say: "We were definitely influenced by various DJ-gigs over the last year, so the up and coming LP is far more club oriented."

In fact, "Plus" is not just a bit more up-beat but also takes a large step towards an electronic future. This is just another layer revealed by this diversified trio.

The first single "Better" immediately demonstrates the immaculate symbioses of the various elements. Partly structured like a classic song, partly extremely clubby, this song demands a tremendous live audience and also can't wait to set the dance-floor on fire.

"Come On" is another fine example for the renewed effortlessness of this formation. A song which is beyond a shadow of a doubt catchy and features Lennart's unmistakable vocals, an addictive hook and a striking bassline. "We would have never thought that SONO would write a song such as this and would be so into it."

The monthly radio-show "SONO FM" on "Radio Top 40" (every third Tuesday of the month between 6:00-8:00 pm) probably had a thing to do with it. Here SONO invites a guest of their choosing and they try to redefine club music once every 30 days.

"The Edge" is unquestionably the fastest number on "Plus", which de novo unites these contradicting genres and influences. This is the only song were their weakness for the dark and mysterious shimmers through. Paired with a hint of electronic, SONO manages to bring everything back to unison.

A somewhat of an outcast on the record can be found with the ballad "Back To Me", melancholy which goes skin deep and dismal which penetrates the spine. Yet a beautiful track that is the exception on the more positive, up-lifting and clubby "Plus" record.

As a whole "Plus" understands how to convince the listener with its pure enthusiasm and showcases electronic music which embodies a profound sense of mind. Once again Sono might have reinvented themselves to a certain degree, but the soul of the band is still clearly in tact.

Fans will undienably enjoy the album and newcomers, previously unaware of this group, will discover this exciting trio for themselves and cherish all the new songs.

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